4 years ago

How to Clean your Boots.

Here at Joshua Jones, we want your boots to last as long as possible.Here’s a few tips to keep your boots in Show condition.

All our boots are made from the finest Italian calfskin leather, to protect and nourish this leather we advise two products either Kiwi Boot Polish, or DeNiro Nourishing cream.

Kiwi Polish

Kiwi Polish

Deniro Nourishing cream

Deniro Nourishing cream

First off, remove all the mud and grease with a damp sponge or cloth.

Leave your boots to dry.

Apply the Kiwi Polish or DeNiro Nourishing cream using a cloth or applicator brush. – if you have coloured stitching we advise using a neutral coloured polish to avoid tarnishing the stitching.

Then buff the boots with a soft brush to give the ultimate shine.

Don’t forget to tag us in your just polished boots, there is nothing that makes us happier here at Joshua Jones than a shiny pair of boots.

IMPORTANT: Never use saddle soap products, Renapur or other leather cleaners on your boots. These products are not suitable for use on DeNiro or Donadeo Boots. We recommend only DeNiro or Kiwi polish.

Our love always.

Joshua Jones UK