4 years ago

How to replace spare parts.

Here at Joshua Jones we know how upsetting it is when things are not quite perfect. This is why we always ensure we have replacement parts in stock for when the unfortunate happens.

If you require replacement parts, please email us on info@joshuajonesuk.com . Please include the parts you require, your address to send to and proof of purchase.

If you already have your replacement parts, here is a quick guide to sorting the problem.

Badge replacement, watch our video or read below:

Grab your boot, lay it on a flat surface, using a sharp tool punch through the holes where the original badge was sitting.

Insert the badge through the holes and flip the boot over, holding the badge in place.

Apply the backing caps on the inside of the boots to the badge, hit gently with a hammer to secure.

Replacement of laces

More often than not, your laces have just slipped their knot.

This means you can re-knot them behind the leather panel and carry on riding.

If laces need to be replaced, thread the lace through the boots like you would on a normal shoe, once threaded all the way through, knot the laces behind the leather panels.

We hope these tips come in useful.

All our Love, Joshua Jones UK. X