1 year ago

How to replace your laces

Lace Replacement. 

All of our boots that have the foot section of laces are for aesthetic purpose only. Therefore these are elastic knotted behind the leather panles. From time to time this elastic lace can slip its knot. Most of the time this can be resolved simply by re-threading the lace and knotting again behind the panels.

On the odd occasion laces can actually snap if caught or can perish over a very long time. Lace replacements can always be purchased from the spare parts section on our website. When replacing laces for a new set follow the diagram below to help explain the correct format. When replacing tweezers or small pliers are perfect to pull the lace through the hole, sometimes using a pen to start it off really helps.

If you have any problems with the above contact a member of our team and we will be more than happy to help.